Busted: 4 Myths About Men’s Oral Health

added on: June 13, 2018

Man brushing teethIn keeping with our theme this month in honor of June being Men’s Health Month, we wanted to have a conversation about some common misconceptions or myths about the importance of knowing exactly what’s going on inside a man’s mouth. It not only affects your oral health, but it’s a good measure of what’s happening elsewhere in your body. That’s not a myth. It’s a fact.

Science, research, and the work we do every day with guys just like you are absolute proof that you need to pay attention to what your smile is saying and keep up with regular appointments with your dentist in Lafayette.

Myth #1: Overall Health Begins at The Tonsils

Let’s just get this BIG one out of the way first. Yes, it’s true that not too long ago medical schools overlooked the deep connection between oral and overall health. A Men’s Journal article broke it down best. They spoke with Wenche S. Borgnakke, periodontal health researcher and dentist from the University of Michigan. She told doctors for decades that they need to pay more attention to mouths and teeth. “Almost every medical condition has some manifestation in the mouth,” she says. “Yet until two or three years ago, medical schools basically taught that the body began at the tonsils.”

There may be some doctors and even dentists who dispute this deep connection, but we’re sure they’re few and far between. There’s no denying how important it is (especially for men) to take oral health seriously. Seriously!

Myth #2: I Brush Therefore I’m Fine

Regular brushing and flossing are imperative. There’s no denying or disputing that. But are you doing it right? Are you doing it as often as you should be? Listen, we know men tend to be busy, and things get skipped. Even if you’re brushing twice a day as you should, there’s always a chance for pesky plaque and tartar to build up and cause problems. Blame bacteria. Without regular visits to our Lafayette dental office, there’s an opportunity for bacteria to live and thrive leading to damaging gum disease – even heart disease. Brushing is always best, but seeing us every six months is essential.

Myth #3: I’m A Man. I’m Not Worried About Bacteria.

Everyone, especially men, needs to be aware of what these tiny organisms are doing to your mouth and the rest of your body. They may be minute, but they can have an enormous impact on your entire body. They enter your bloodstream through your unhealthy gums and wreak havoc elsewhere. Strokes, diabetes, heart issues, Alzheimer’s, among other things can all start because of inflammation from oral bacteria. In fact, the American Diabetes Association urges patients with diabetes to see the dentist if there’s any sign of gum infection or disease. Even a mild increase in your blood glucose could be a sign you’re in dire need of a thorough dental cleaning with your Lafayette dentist.

Myth #4: I Don’t See the Doctor or the Dentist & I’m Healthy

Maybe it’s been a few months, years, or even decades since your visit with your family doctor and dentist. Maybe you feel great and are ahead in the game of life. The more responsibilities you have: your family, your job, your friends, your community. The more you owe it to yourself to have a steady relationship with your oral and overall health professionals. Your Allure Dental team in Lafayette is always willing to go the extra mile to do whatever we can to help you stay in good health for years to come. We’ll work with your family doctor or health practitioner for a complete treatment plan. Even if you’re not ill or you don’t have any health issues: prevention is essential.

Be the man, the myth, the legend that you are for years to come with regular visits with us. If you’re in need routine or more advanced dental care, we’re always here to listen first and help second. There’s never any judgment or hassle to proceed with treatment. It’s your health. It’s your call. Talk to us today at 765-588-9548.