Tooth Friendly Foods for Your Smile

added on: November 21, 2017

With the holidays in full swing, you might want to take a look at the foods and drinks you will be subjecting your smile to as they can have a big impact on your smile. Some foods help your teeth, others harm them. Let’s take a look at which you should be putting on your plate (and in your glass):

1- Top on your list of beneficial food should include the crunchy and watery foods which stimulate saliva levels and wash your teeth. Good choices are raw apples, celery, and carrots which help clear out oral debris, bacteria and acid from sticking to your tooth enamel and harming it.

2- Other top-of-the-list food items include tooth-friendly minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and fluoride. These minerals help strengthen tooth enamel which protects your pearly whites from harmful oral bacteria. Good food choices are meat, such as chicken or turkey, milk, various cheeses, nuts, and certain fruits including apples.

3- Saliva is one of the best things for your smile. It contains natural acid-fighting properties which help protect tooth enamel from erosion. Good choices to accomplish this include sugarless chewing gum, sugar-free lozenges, and some foods that are naturally chewy like raw vegetables.

4- While you are making better food choices to support your oral health, there are times when you can’t avoid some of them. This is why your daily oral hygiene routine is the perfect complement to giving your smile the protection it needs. You may want to hold off on brushing right after meals, however, because it can harm your enamel because of the acids on them. Wait 20-30 minutes after eating to brush, and instead, chew some sugarless gum or rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash to clear off oral debris.

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