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Multiple teeth can be lost to untreated periodontal health problems, cavities, and severe forms of dental trauma. When this happens you will certainly notice a decreased ability to chew your food. It could even increase your chances of choking during a meal.

In some of these cases, a dental implant supported dental bridge can effectively restore the presence and function of the missing teeth. However, this might require multiple oral surgeries and an extended timetable. If you aren’t comfortable with these factors, Dr. Trevor Murray, DDS and Christian Mazur, DDS might recommend fitting you for a removable partial denture.

As the name implies it is a miniature form of a complete denture. It will be designed to correspond to the location and general shape of your missing teeth. It can be removed for regular cleaning and when you sleep at night.

The artificial teeth are set into a material that replicated the general appearance of natural gum tissues. Some partial dentures also include special hardware that locks them with the surrounding teeth. However, most people with a partial denture appreciate denture adhesive to help lock the dental appliance in place while also helping to block out food particles from irritating the gums.

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