How to Protect Your Smile This Thanksgiving

added on: November 11, 2015

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s important that you prepare your smile for the many foods, treats, and deserts you put in your mouth. Thanksgiving food can harm your smile more than you know, and we encourage you to do the following things so your smile has the best chance at maintaining its health this Thanksgiving holiday:

Drink a lot of water
If you drink a lot of water throughout the day, your smile will be constantly rinsed and the loose food particles will be washed away. Drinking water will also prevent plaque formation and will promote saliva flow, which will help you fight cavities. Water is also the healthiest drink available, so do your smile and entire body a favor and drink water throughout the day.

Limit the sticky foods
Sticky foods can cause major harm to your smile. This is because they tend to stick to your teeth for many hours, promoting tooth decay and bacteria build up. Some sticky foods include cranberry relish, pecan pie, and mashed potatoes. However, if you do decide to eat these foods, please clean your smile as soon as possible, whether that means that you swish your mouth with water or brush and floss your teeth.

Brush and floss
It’s best that you brush and floss your teeth 30 minutes after you have eaten. Waiting 30 minutes will give your teeth the time they need to produce protective materials that are important when brushing and flossing. Now, we understand that there are some years when you do not have Thanksgiving dinner at your home, so we encourage you to carry a small pocket toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss with you to your destination.

Shorten your meal time
Snacking throughout the day can damage your smile. Doing so will continually expose your teeth to the acids that destroy them. So, do your best to dedicate a specific time of the day to eating food and spend the rest of the day visiting and playing games with your family and friends.

Schedule a cleaning appointment
Your best chance at maintaining a healthy smile this holiday season is by scheduling a dental cleaning appointment shortly after Thanksgiving. This appointment will help you free your smile from the food particles and bacteria that live in and attack your smile. The appointment will also nourish and strengthen your teeth, preparing you for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

As you use these tips and enjoy your holiday, we ask that you share these tips with your family members and friends so they can also protect their smiles and maintain a strong oral health. With these five tips, your Thanksgiving party guests will be able to enjoy the holiday without destroying their smiles! If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule your dental cleaning appointment, call our office now. We look forward to hearing from you!

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